(a.o.t.) is a conceptual design studio based on an insatiable curiosity and a strive to prioritize relevance within the things we surround ourselves with. We take part in the creation of these things, but we intend for them to be more than temporary supernumeraries in our lives. We spawn things that do not hide within their own utilitarianism. Things that challenge our perception of the things themselves. Equally fascinated and frustrated by the history of making and producing, we seek to learn, unlearn, rethink and challenge the conventional ways of doing. The crafts, the machines, the technologies, the industrialisation. Incredibly many good things have come from this development, but also a more streamlined way of thinking aesthetics — and a more distanced way of making. A distance that is passed on to things themselves as it exercises a power on the shape of things. Aesthetics determine technique determine aesthetics. This is why everything we do starts in our own hands.

In an attempt to challenge this default way of thinking things, we intend to create things with a contemporary presence liberated from systemic constraints. Things made from curiosity, joy, experimentation, independence and relevance. Things that seek inspiration from the age-old crafts as well as the “technologicalization” and channels this knowledge into our own hands (with the help of the Gods that are DIY-makers on YouTube).